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Photographer Murray Garrett helped define the Golden Age of Hollywood with his candid yet respectful photos of the brightest of stars. Tom Meegan lit and shot interviews with Phyllis Diller, Paramount executive A.C. Lyle, the honorary mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant, and many others. Tom is currently editing the project and designing the graphic elements in concert with Tyler Heon and Bill Humphreys of BBT Films.
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The Chevrolet Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge is a fundraiser for the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, designers and builders of bobsleds for the US Bobsled Team. NASCAR Drivers spent a weekend in Lake Placid, NY learning to drive bobsleds and competed against one another for bragging rights. The weekend’s festivities were captured on tape and were edited into three one hour programs airing on ESPN and SPEED Channel.

Tom Meegan worked as the editor, mastering two programs for SPEED Channel and creating packages, bumpers, and opens for the ESPN program. He also created DVDs for marketing purposes, and will be creating a commercial DVD which will be marketed through NASCAR web site.

Update:The 2007 Event was held on January 5-7, this year cut live to tape. Tom worked with Tim Singer of TS Sports and Ian Sweet to produce all of the roll-ins for two hours of coverage.

Photo Montage For Bodin
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The Terrible Meek is an adaptation of a one act play by Charles Rann Kennedy of the same name. A soldier struggles with his obligation to military duty as he questions the moral responsibility of taking lives. Tom Meegan served as Director of Photography for this BBT Films production. The picture edit is locked and is out for color grading by Craig Sommerer of Chicago. Audio design and mixing are being handled by Hans Indigo of Indigo Inventions.
Photo Montage For Meek
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