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Newbury, NH 03255

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We have provided services for NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN and other high-end broadcast and cablecast clients. We have also produced affordable videos for small businesses and small community events. If it has to do with video, we can help. Contact us!
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Writing, pre-production, footage acquisition, equipment rental, production, direction, and editing – if we don't do it in house, we can bring in the necessary resources and personnel with efficiency and confidence.
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Five years teaching dozens of college interns to operate studio cameras, manage sound stages, assistant direct, edit, and light provided the experience. Eighteen years working as a leader and teammate adapting and configuring mobile production environments provided the knowledge. The desire to teach has always been there. Woven Pixels will consult, instruct, and train in a variety of production disciplines, including editing, camera work, lighting, and field production.
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We have experience with a variety of applications, and professional relationships with many talented designers both locally and nationally. We deliver concept, story, and style.
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