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Woven Pixels has the experience to deliver your project on time, and better than you'd expected. Here is a sampling of the work we have done over the years, including fast turn-around editing, Emmy award winning lighting design, Emmy nominated documentary production, and live multi-camera directing.
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Sandy Point Discovery Center
Sandy Point Screen Shot Located in Stratham, NH, the Sandy Point Discovery Center sits on the shores of Great Bay. It serves as the conservation-education headquarters for the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Enki Education
Enki Education Screen Shot This documentary was produced for Enki Education to provide an introduction to the concepts of the program to both parents and educators.

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Below are descriptions of several bumpers that Tom Meegan has cut for national broadcast. Because this footage is owned by the networks and the sports organizations, we do not have permission to show them on the web.
MLB on FOX Bumper
MLB on FOX Screen Shot Tom Meegan edited this bumper to the first commercial break of fox's coverage of Game Three of the World Series. He has worked doing instant replay and editing for fox Sports' coverage of the World Series since 1998.
NCAA Basketball on ESPN Bumper
Espn Hoops Screen Shot Tom Meegan edited this bumper to break using exterior footage shot pre-game and shots from the game itself. The shots of coach Jim Calhoun’ s frustration occurred less than five minutes before the bumper aired.
NFL on CBS Bumper
NFL CBS Screen Shot Tom Meegan edited this music driven bumper from break. It is comprised entirely of shots from the on-going game, captured and edited as game action continued. During the 2005-2006 NFL season he worked as an EVS editor for CBS’s coverage of the NFL. Working closely with an assistant director, he edited six to eight of these pieces for each game. He was also responsible for instant replays from the side line handheld.
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Performance of Metropolis Symphony
ADSymphony Screen Shot Tom Meegan played many roles on this production. He designed the stage lighting, hired the camera crew and stage manager, and worked as the assistant director. As assistant director, he integrated director Kevin Carlson’s shot plan with composer Michael Daugherty’s score to create a running script for the crew. During the performance, Tom “pre-called” the camera shots.

Granite State Challenge and New Hampshire Round Table Directing Montage
GSCRT Screen Shot This audio is a recording of the director’s track. Tom Meegan is cueing the cameras, tapes, effects, graphics and sound effects for the programs. On both programs, Tom was also responsible for lighting design and hiring camera, stage and graphics crews. Both shows are productions of New Hampshire Public Television.

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Lighting Screen Shot Tom Meegan has won two Emmy Awards for his lighting design. He has lit news programs, musical performances, documentary interviews, short features, and most everything else you could imagine. Here are several stills of his television work.

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